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That day

You won’t find me at any of the September 11 memorials. I’ve never really seen the WTC – and it means little to me, other than a name.

My boss – a good friend, and a very gentle gentleman was aboard one of those aircraft that day, flying between offices on the east and west coasts of the USA. He died – probably in fear and horror. Helpless.

Before the sun set that day, a major media corporation was trying to get digital-rights management amendments and anti-privacy regulations jammed into the laundry list of emergency measures to be passed by Congress. A company that entertains your children.

Special interest groups whose interests conflict with your rights and liberties as a citizen (of any country) sought – and still seek – to use this event as a showcase of why your rights and liberties should be reduced, diminished or better – transferred to those groups instead. This isn’t about the USA. This is about everywhere.

Ultimately you have a choice. You can look after each-other. Your family. Your friends. Your neighbours. Your community. Or you can shrug your shoulders, and let someone else decide what’s good for you – people who are constantly surrounded by the voices of people who would use that horrible day as a form of political judo.

My friend died that day – and I weep when I think of how it must have been for him.

But when I think of what people and organisations do to profit from that loss, it makes me angry.

Look around your world, your town, and your community and think about who serves the people, and who acts to exploit your sadness, your loss, your fear, and your rage.

The only memorial I want to see is good people helping each-other; Being a healthy community; Dragging themselves upwards, regardless of adversity. You are those people. These are your worlds.

I will remember him quietly, and I won’t speak of this again.

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