Guest post by Seshat Czeret

Your right to enter privately-owned land …

Witch parking. All others will be toad! You don’t have one.

“i didnt do anything
you are a corrupt land owner i did nothing wrong
No orbits.
No attacks.”

“As with the fleshworld, individuals have the right to determine what  behaviour is acceptable on their land.”


“Disrupting a class – especially intentionally – is not acceptable on this land. You are politely requested to leave.”

That was a conversation between myself, and a person who didn’t seem to think of himself as a griefer. Because while he was being disruptive and intrusive, he did nothing that he perceived as being against the Terms of Service.

Whether he was right about the Terms of Service or not doesn’t actually matter – he was disrupting a class. He refused to leave NCI’s plot of land when asked, so he got banned from it. He stuck around the neighbouring land, harassing the students and the teacher and rezzing things he could move into the class’ space. Because he thought he had a right to be on our land.

He was wrong. The only public land in Second Life is “Protected Land” owned by Governor Linden. Anything owned by anyone else is private property.

In the fleshworld, I’m sure you’ve all seen signs saying “Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again.”  In Second Life, land owners don’t need to take it that far. They just put up land bans or eject you.

They don’t need a reason.

You read that right. Land owners don’t need a reason to ban you. They can ban you because they want privacy; only allowing themselves and their friends on the land. They can ban you because they don’t like the colour or prim count of your hair. They can ban you because you type badly or because you are (or aren’t) a witch. They can ban you because you smell funny. (In a digital world?)

Land owners have a right. The right to determine, by whatever means, who is allowed to access their own space. The right to declare ‘trespass’.

Individuals have a right. The right to free assembly in public property.

Just don’t think that because a place is open to most people, it’s public property. Unless it’s owned by Governor Linden, it isn’t. Even if it is, it’s only ‘public’ in the Second Life sense, and not the legal sense of the term.

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