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Every time there’s a major outbreak of a contagious illness you’ll see people wearing masks. Occasionally you’ll see a handful wearing masks at other times too. It’s common for mask-wearers to be teased, called ‘cowards’ or mocked for being afraid of catching something.

Which goes to show just how stupid we can be as a species. The mask isn’t for them. It’s for you, dummy!

It’s there to ensure that you don’t catch something from them. In fact, if you’re the one wearing the mask, if a bug or virus makes from someone else makes it that far, then the mask isn’t going to help you all that much. It will however, significantly reduce the odds of you infecting someone else.

Particularly with influenza, the virus is contagious before you start to feel sick. You’re walking around feeling fine, and maybe passing it to everyone in the vicinity.

The difference between the people wearing the masks and everyone else? The ones in the masks give a damn about you and your health. Even when you’re mocking them and treating them like losers.

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