Don’t forget to wave

It’s taken me a while to figure out the niche for Google Wave, but I can pretty much see it now. Or at least what it is at present.

Basically, if two people want to have a conversation, and Google is the software provider of choice, Google Talk is the tool there, and it conveniently archives everything for reference.

On the other hand, if you’re after a conversation with three or more (especially a protracted one over days, weeks or months), that’s Wave country. Again, it neatly archives the whole thing.

Of course if you want to have just a one-person conversation, I’d recommend the Second Life blog, a friends-only post at Live Journal, a YouTube comment, a mirror, or this:


(This technology requires a glossy screen surface. Matte-surfaced monitors or monitors with anti-glare overlays may not be fully compatible. Offer void where prohibited by law)

Look carefully into it. Wave. See the realism and responsiveness? Now talk. Notice how you can hear your words very clearly, as if you were in the same room? Eat your heart out, Project Natal.

I look forward to seeing this technology repackaged as Google Reflect, or Microsoft Navel.

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