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An unusual find

You know how the old story goes. One of your in-laws visits, and the next thing you know, you’re down the road in old parkland with a metal-detector and digging holes.

Our last hole, just as it was becoming too dark to see, turned up something interesting.

It’s a small, metal gun replica that we found buried under about six or seven inches of soil and rocks.

For it’s size it is quite detailed and appears to be of a six-barrelled Pepper-box pistol (you can see the six holes at the end if you look carefully). It strongly resembles the ones made by Manhattan in the late 1800s.The unusual find

It shows virtually no signs at all of corrosion (we haven’t even had to clean it), and has a weighty sort of feel for its size, so possibly made of lead. It’s a single piece of metal, apparently cast, and feels pleasantly smooth to the touch.

There’s no makers’ marks. That inset near the base of the grip is a simulated screw. There’s one on the opposite side.

Six-barrel pepper-box pistols weren’t (as far as I know) made after about 1870. Why there’s such a lovingly made tiny replica, I don’t know.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this or know anything about it?

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