Senator Stephen Conroy, speaking at the launch of National Cyber Security Awareness Day, made a truly woeful slip.

I must hasten to remind you that Conroy is the Australian Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy. Why? Because his fumbling prose about the Web is essentially the equivalent of calling a modern military assault rifle “a thunderstick”.

Whatever else he might have said in the past, or say in the future – to my mind this completely undermines any appearance of knowledge or competency.

Perhaps it is a bit much to ask, but one day perhaps someone can be appointed to this sort of role who actually has some idea what it is that they’re responsible for.

Senator Stephen Conroy could do with a couple high-school classes about the Internet, because this isn’t about a technical misunderstanding, but more of a failure to grasp it in the abstract.

Surely there must be something that “comes out of the portal” that might help him get a grip on his portfolio.

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