The Lab has discarded its partnership programme for Burning Life, and even taken back the name so that nobody will mistake it for being something that the Lab approves of.

The new event is to be called Burn 2.0. Not the most auspicious of names under the circumstances. Or maybe I’m the only one who gets the giggles when I hear it.

The Lab has certainly attracted criticisms for Burning Life in the past, for taking the edge off the art, exerting excessive creative control over the exhibits and so on. It seems a little ironic that the first policy announcement during interim Lab CEO Rosedale’s temporary tenure (announced by the man himself) be to dismantle another partnership relationship with customers – however rocky it might have been.

No more money, staff, sims or resources are to be allocated to the event. Though it seems certain that the Lab will use it as a marketing bullet-point.

Refresh my memory. Does Linden Lab have any partnership programmes left, or was that the last one?

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