For a change of pace, I’ll publish a press-release, verbatim. I know, that’s a bit unusual for me. We’ll see how that goes.

WARNING: Reprinted Press-release. Opinions not necessarily my own.The six sim Al Andalus Estate (AA), which are inspired by the history of 13th century Granada, Spain, decided to end its participation in the Confederation of Democratic Sims. The Estates merged last July, but the agreement provided that either party could terminate the agreement after one year. Al Andalus, three years old in July, and owned by the non-profit organization, Virtual Democracy Inc, exercised its option to de merge on July 21.

The original premise of Al Andalus was to form a democratic government based on authentic Islamic principles. While there remains a strong Islamic presence in Al Andalus, the goals of the AA group have evolved to also focus on democratic consensus building and communication. The citizens of Al Andalus were not satisfied that those goals could be met in the CDS system.

The merger last year included physical relocation of both the CDS and Al Andalus sims, and no decision has been made about relocation. Growth plans for each estate may not be compatible with continued adjacent location.

Al Andalus is a popular destination for educators and tourists, including reproductions of the Alhambra Palaces, Alcazar or fortress, and the Mezquita, modeled after the Great Mosque of Cordoba. It also hosts a caravan market, the Andalus Islamic Council in the Summer Palace, the Al Zahra Theater which features traditional Spanish and Moorish dance and music, two libraries, Al Qantara Library (the Bridge) which focuses on historic Andalusian publications and art, and the Silver Pen Library, devoted to literature. Albaycin continues the Spanish theme by recreating a Basque coast geography and is devoted to sustainable land management and a nature preserve—again inspired by those found in real life area—and includes the unique Highlands neighborhood, built to illustrate sustainable mountainside housing in a sky environment. Planned projects include the development of Sacromonte, including the monastery and gypsy cave houses.

An Independence Ball will be held Saturday, August 7 in Aurora Hall of the Al Garnata Sim. The formal celebration kicks off with a concert by JeanChristophe Chevalier at 1 pm slt, and continues from 2-4pm with DJ Soliel Snook of Radio Riel.  Fireworks will follow. Presentations will be given by community leaders in both text and voice. The public is welcome in the Al Andalus group and to join us in our celebration.

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