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Not so idle animations

Idle animations for video game characters are – to my way of thinking – generally very poorly done.

The characters shift and jitter like hyperactive prize-fighters in the ring that are deeply hyperventilating and who need to pee really badly.

Yes, it’s nice to see a 3D human model breathing, maybe shifting weight slightly to another foot, shuffling, stretching, scratching a nose.

The problem is that all of this tends to be done in a very exaggerated way and maybe 30 times more frequently than you’d see any ordinary person doing it.

Never mind inappropriate gestures or completely erroneous mouth-movements or expressions during a conversation. Those I can live with.

What gets my aging goat is that having my character (or indeed a roomful of characters) essentially acting like a two-year-old that’s desperate for a potty-break after too much red-cordial each and every single time I let go of the controls.

The quality of animation is not (perhaps surprisingly) measured in buttscratches per minute.

Categories: Gaming, Opinion, Video Games.

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