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Over the last few hours, rumours have been circulating that the entire development team of Project: MyWorld were laid off due to an inability to secure publisher funding for the project.

Realtime Worlds have confirmed that there are layoffs (and the word is that they are huge), but the only title Realtime Worlds actually mentions is their recent release APB (All Points Bulletin) which they say they are continuing to support.

It is normal for a developer to pare back on the huge development team for an MMOG, post-launch, indeed cutting teams by two-thirds isn’t unusual as operations change over from active development to maintenance and expansion.

Unconfirmed word is that Realtime Worlds may have gone bust, but that remains to be seen. The developer is silent on the fate of Project: MyWorld, which isn’t a good sign.

It’s possible that this would explain why I’ve had no response at all to requests for interviews or information about Project: MyWorld.

Right now it’s hard to say what’s going on, but Realtime Worlds isn’t apparently very keen to indicate that there are any signs of life for Project: MyWorld.

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