Imprudence gets a new release candidate and a whole ton of new users.

Imprudence has to be my favourite Second Life viewer. Not just fast, easy and fun, but also because of its strong focus on copyright and on both legal and license compliance. It’s nice to see a team which tries to get things right from the get-go. Many don’t seem to bother at all.

With all the kerfuffle surrounding the Emerald viewer lately, a number of third-party viewers have been getting tryouts, and apparently Imprudence has been getting enough new users that the team has had to run out and get a communications manager.

Apparently it takes two years to become an overnight success. 😉

Anyway, Imprudence 1.3.0 RC2 was released today, and if you’re already an Imprudence user, the odds are you’re already excited to hear it. I’ve just been using it and it works very nicely indeed for me.

You can download it and/or check out the release notes here, if you like.

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