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Your local newspaper is always quick to report on some Internet site or other being a haven for perverts.

I think it’s actually jealousy.

You see in the last years before the advent of the Web, as you might recall, newspaper classifieds were pretty much the primary place for perverts to connect to other like-minded (or dislike-minded, as the case may be) perverts. There were others, of course, but newspaper classifieds were the biggie. You wanted a used sofa, a rubber bodysuit or a someone to dress up like Elvis and give you a spanking, the newspaper was your tool of choice.

All this Chatroulette and Craigslist and virtual environments and a thousand other Web-sites are getting all up on Old Man Newspaper’s lawn, yo. And he’s cranky as all get-out about that, and your rock and/or roll music, and your haircuts and baggy, ill-fitting pants.

Funny thing is, though, that I think that sort of sensationalist lashing out really doesn’t do the newspapers any favours. It just reminds a lot of people that they’re better off hoisting their colours in newer media.

Word… errr ‘dawg’.

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