An interesting role

Linden Lab’s got two positions hiring at the moment. Let’s look at the most interesting one: the Senior Client Manager.

According to the description, “The Senior Client Manager will oversee, grow and retain key accounts with our highest profile and revenue generating customers in Second Life.  This role will act as the main point of contact for our most valued businesses and will focus on customer retention.   In addition, the Senior Client Manager will employ a consultative approach while working closely with Linden Lab’s key accounts to identify opportunities that will increase the revenue contribution from that group, as well as handle inbound sales inquiries.”

Sounds like “Stop our biggest customers from leaving” to me. What about to you?

Sure, the job should have been filled about four or five years ago. Better late than never?

Here’s a couple more highlights from the job responsibilities:

  • Contribute directly to team goal of annual revenue contribution and decrease of key account attrition.
  • Be the primary point of contact on all aspects of existing key accounts with particular focus on highest revenue generating and highest profile clients.
  • Manage all aspects of the revenue growth process by making available real-time pipeline and sales forecast reports for review by the Director and executive leadership team.
  • Develop monthly and quarterly business plans that exceed annual revenue growth targets.

Hmm. An interesting role indeed.

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