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The messengers

The normal case in business is that the employees of a company with whom you interact are not the people who actually are making the decisions.

You might read a blog-post from a developer, or a policy email from someone at the company, but frankly, the people posting them are not the people making the decisions that you’re reading about. It happens occasionally that you’ll read something posted by the person who actually was meaningfully involved in making a decision, but that’s really not the done thing in most business.

Instead you focus your ire on the poster, whose job it is to communicate a decision to you – they may not even be responsible for writing the post. It’s pretty unpleasant for the people posting the communications, and that’s often a pretty high-turnover job. Meantime, the managers who make the decisions are at a stage (or two… or more) removed from the communications process.

If balanced correctly, it helps decision-makers maintain a necessary level of objectivity. Of course, it’s rarely actually managed correctly, and decision-makers in a business are all-too-frequently out-of-touch until things are far off the rails, and the messenger job has had to be filled two or three times because the messengers have just burned out on community and customer ire.

Categories: Business, Culture, Opinion.

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