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Linden Lab have been testing the recent versions of in-world user-created Second Life games Zyngo and Deal, and aren’t at all happy with the latest versions of these games.

The Lab highlights these elements:

L$ are collected to access play

L$ are promised as a reward for achieving a high score

It appears these games rely predominantly on chance as the means by which a player might achieve a high score

Unless substantive changes are made to the gameplay for these games, the Lab has indicated that it will commence removal of all Zyngo and Deal games “other than the versions we designate as compliant, if found collecting or paying L$” from 15 January this month – though the Lab is still willing to reevaluate newer versions of these games if they are forthcoming.

Non-compliant games anywhere in Second Life will be returned with no further comment.

Non-compliant games re-deployed following their return will result in the immediate suspension of the party or parties responsible and the asset will be blacklisted. A third offense will result in the permanent ejection from Second Life of the party or parties responsible, including all related alternate accounts. Residents previously contacted regarding Terms of Service (ToS) compliance issues can expect that history to be brought to bear on this new enforcement effort.

I wasn’t actually aware that there were versions that were specifically blessed as okay by Linden Lab, but there you go.

Game developers – as you might expect – even now scrambling to make changes to the games to bring them into Linden Lab regulatory compliance.

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