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Gaia Online has also entered the ring with its own fund-raising efforts for victims of the disasters in Japan.


Gaia Online is a community of over 8 million young adults active in social gaming, discussion boards and anime culture. Gaians feels a strong affinity with Japan, having always celebrated the Japanese style of comic book known as manga as well as Asian and comic cultural events such as Comic Con and Fanime. Gaia also runs its own manga cartoon and recently debuted a popular social game called Monster Galaxy.

From left to right, the Emblem of Kannon, the Halo of Kannon and the Coat of Kannon - Gaia Online's fund-raising items for Japanese disaster relief

Gaia Online will be selling the Emblem, Coat and Halo of Kannon (at one dollar, five dollars and ten dollars respectively). Proceeds on these items up to ten thousand dollars will go to the Red Cross to provide aid and comfort to those affected by recent tragedies.

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