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The United States Government Copyright Office maintains a register of designated copyright agents for online service providers. A designated agent is the person to whom you send copyright infringement claims to if a user of that service is … well, infringing your copyright.

Having a correct and current agent designation is important – because that is one of the requirements for the service provider to not be held liable, in the event of an infringement.

Linden Lab’s designation is no longer correct, which exposes it to liability even if all of the other requirements are met.

The Lab’s designation still lists Laura Pirri as the agent. Pirri, you may recall, left the lab sometime in the last ten or twelve days or so. Apparently, neither she nor other members of the Lab’s legal team thought to update the registration information prior to her departure, and it is still out-of-date.

Linden Lab's Amended Interim Designation of Agent. Does she still work there? Oops! No, she doesn't!

I contacted the Lab about this last week, and again yesterday, in the (not altogether vain) hope that the oversight might be resolved promptly and without a fuss, but apparently that is not to be. All of that potential corporate liability exposed for want of faxing a simple piece of paper; it quite boggles the imagination.

Sometimes I wonder whose interests the Lab’s legal team seem to be serving, because it really doesn’t look like it’s Linden Lab’s interests, most of the time.

Update (7 April): Still not corrected.

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