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Angela Yuriko Smith writes about using Second Life for promotion of her book, End of Mae.

I used Second Life as part of my promotional campaign, building a virtual version of the house from my book in that world so that I could have a visual center of operations. This was excellent for taking photos and hosting social opportunities. I called it my End of Mae Virtual Visitor Center, and it is closely linked with my blog. I can host readings there, film videos, pass out updates and visit with fans in a satisfying and friendly way. This has proved to be a very successful strategy,” says Smith.

Smith’s success seems to have been proportional to the effort she put in. A lesson many other promotional ventures in Second Life – and in virtual environments in general – have failed to grasp.

Additionally, Smith used it as a part of a larger promotional campaign to spruik her novel. Read more about her strategy for promoting her self-published title on Blog Critics.

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