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As much as I can be said to be a fan of anything terribly much, I’m a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series of games by Bethesda/Zenimax (even if some aspects of the gameplay have been on the decline for the last three of them).

Now, it’s no surprise that they’ve been working on an Elder Scrolls MMOG – that news has been trickling out of the company for years in fragments. As a huge fan, I just can’t see myself wanting to play the game.

I mean, is there anything that could really boost player engagement and immediacy in Tamriel’s rich and vibrant world to dizzying heights than tens of thousands of players trying to name themselves “Gandalf999”, “BatmanLives”, “CaptainKirk”, “Riddick4Lyfe”, “Digitalmurderer”, “Red Rifle”, “Nick Furry”, “Stormtrooper69”, “Getyourasstomars” and “GoogleGoogles”?

Because you know they will.

They always do.

Plus, of course, the classic MMOG mechanic of resetting all the mission-based stuff so that the next player can do exactly the same thing you did. That lost kid you rescued? Well, he’ll be back and lost and waiting for rescue again five minutes later.

There’s a lot of things I like about the single-player Elder Scrolls experience. I don’t expect to find them in the MMOG. No, that’s just not for me. I enjoy the Elder Scrolls too much for an Elder Scrolls MMOG to hold much appeal.

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