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An image of Tateru Nino's Second Life avatar, on the page of a bookWhen Hamlet refers to game-mechanics in this post, I don’t even know what he’s referring to, actually.

Could he be talking about the new experience tools bundle that includes path-finding? I wouldn’t think so, because those aren’t game-mechanics. While they’re the sort of thing that are commonly used in games, they’re just as commonly used in things that aren’t games.

So, what game-mechanics are we even talking about?

All of the “gamification” (a terrible, and misleading word) mechanics that I’m aware of that Second Life had early in its life have been progressively stripped out, until none were left. Why? Because they were more trouble than they were worth. There was a period of some years where the new-user experience had added “game-mechanics” but these just caused new-user-retention to decline.

So, no. I don’t even know what “plans to add game-mechanics” Hamlet might even be referring to

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