one example of collaborative activity in a game situationJohanna Bluemink, a gamer, researcher and vice-president of Finnish developer TeamingSteam (a subsidiary of Ludocraft whom you may know as the driving force behind the RealXtend virtual world platform) has completed her PhD dissertation on enriching collaborative learning through pedagogically scripted multiplayer games.

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Nov 11 2010

Generally we get so bound up in almost every other aspect of formal schooling that we tend completely miss the fundamental point of it. Certainly we do as students, and as parents we tend to get caught up in the viewpoints of our kids.

Graduation day is the first day of your education, not your last.

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A brand new book called “A practical guide to using Second Life in Higher Education.”

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Including one of the Lab’s star PR showcases from 11 months ago, the University of Texas.

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