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I’d pretty much call this a failure of contextual advertising placement.

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Oct 5 2009

Oh, I get tired of that. “Results not typical” and “for illustrative purposes only.”

Well, the Federal Trade Commission’s handing down new guidelines on advertising and endorsements. “Results not typical” won’t be acceptable anymore. It also affects celebs, bloggers and endorsements of all sorts.

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Aug 5 2009

A short, but true tip you’ll hear in dozens of forms around board-room tables, that everyone seems to forget as soon as they leave the room. Distilled down to its core:

A hundred people who have a conversation about your brand are worth far more than a hundred-thousand who drive past your billboard.

Whether or not you are actually a part of that conversation.

We all know it, right up until the moment that someone signs a cheque. Go figure.

Jul 27 2009

Nothing a games-publisher does says “We have no respect whatsoever for our customers” than booth-babes – except perhaps the EA Sports division.

I know, some of you EA marketing folks are among the regular readers here, and I’m not tarring you all with the same brush, but you might want to hide under your desks for a few minutes, because I’m going to speak very plainly.

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