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Jul 29 2011

An Ubisoft representative told PC Gamer that their new “Always On” DRM scheme, that requires continuous connection to Ubisoft’s security servers, resulted in “a clear reduction in piracy of our titles which required a persistent online connection, and from that point of view the requirement is a success.”

I wonder if “a clear reduction” is larger than the 16% reduction in Ubisoft’s full-year sales for the first year of the DRM scheme’s operation, or the 36% reduction in sales for Q1.

If that level of “success” keeps up, Ubisoft may have to abandon that DRM system entirely before successfully reducing piracy sends them broke.

I’ve been thinking about The Sims 3 and Bioshock 2, and Dragon Age and other titles which I just haven’t picked up (and it doesn’t look like I am likely to). I know why that is. It’s the DLC/addons.

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Well, privacy or copyright. If there’s to be a singularity in the next couple of decades or so, it’s most likely to be one of those.

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Play it now! Seven dwarfs, a wagon with tools and supplies, and a landscape rich in raw materials. Set up a colony, protect your dwarfs, expand and grow rich.

That’s Dwarf Fortress, perhaps the deepest and most intricate sandbox simulation game I’ve seen, and I have been meaning to write it up for a long time.

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