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They’re just not.

You see “RPG elements” on the back of game-boxes for assorted games, frequently tactical combat games, or mentioned in game reviews. The thing is, that what they’re referring to as RPG elements aren’t actually RPG elements.

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Jul 1 2009

I don’t know how on earth I managed to completely miss Shamus Young’s The DM of the Rings series.

The DM of the Rings, part 1

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The art of roleplaying has been one of the several key drivers in virtual environments over the last 20 years. Indeed, there have been environments packed with features supporting roleplaying, scriptable objects, and user-generated content for a long time.

Mostly those environments were text, but that shouldn’t really be held against them. Many roleplayers coming from these environments find them technologically superior to Second Life in many respects, and the textual aspects of them cannot be ignored — with good reason.

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