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Apr 10 2011

The 29th of March, 2009 was a very notable day in Second Life, for a number of reasons.

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Linden Lab’s new vice-president of engineering has announced himself today. Jeff Petersen (AKA Bagman Linden) has a background at Sony Online Entertainment, Harmless Games, SilverPlatter, and Virgin Interactive Entertainment and has worked on such titles as Everquest, Everquest II, Star Wars Galaxies, Planetside, Untold Legends PS3, Field Commander PSP, FreeRealms, and CloneWars Adventures and Subspace.

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Rod HumbleRod Humble has been named as the new CEO of Linden Lab, following a bit of an awkward gap where the Lab operated for a while without one.

You’ll probably already recognise Humble’s name if you follow gaming industry news, as the former executive vice-president of the EA Play label, and his work on the Sims 2, the Sims 3, Everquest and Virgin Interactive’s Subspace.

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