I say ‘incomplete.’ Even though the word implies that it falls short of an intended goal, I’ve no idea if the intended goal was to actually… well, mesh with Second Life as it is used. Second Life mesh clothing does not.

Couldbe Yue has a great consumer’s guide to mesh clothing – well worth your time, since there’s a whole bunch of caveats and gotchas.

For my money, chief among the issues is that the clothing can’t be made to fit the avatar. The avatar must be made to fit the clothing.

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Bugs are not your friend Second Life users who have edited their (now Web-based) profiles have encountered a data-loss issue. Originally reported in early February, the issue remains unresolved today.

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Second Life’s public JIRA issue tracker already comes with some hidden sections, particularly those to do with security exploits, where the dissemination of information about the issue is considered to be bad for Second Life as a whole.

There’s a new (or at least apparently new) category that seems to be getting quite a number of issues filed into it, though: “SOCIAL”.

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I’ve been trying to figure out what, if anything, the Lab’s new viewer development model actually means in practical terms. Acta non verba and all that. Just because something is said to be better (or worse) doesn’t necessarily mean that it is.

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