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Jan 22 2012

I’m too sick to read, or write or do much of anything right now. Running a fever.

So, more on the parametric mesh deformer.

 Lab requests feedback on an optional inventory view.

Go. I’ll be back as soon as I can.

Following the seemingly specious rejection of the contributed prim-alignment tool earlier in the week, Qarl has declined to make the changes suggested by the Lab.

In the past, when code contributions have been made, the Lab has been willing to pull out all the stops to make its own contribution to the code in some cases, even going so far as to rewrite a contribution’s code from the ground up to meet its requirements or to overcome stylistic or technical objections.

The Lab has not chosen to do that this time and, while I cannot reasonably speculate on what the Lab is thinking and why – in this instance, the temptation is so very great.

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At least partly because it only really works with standard prims, you know, being a prim-alignment tool.

Actually, the Lab’s argument here seems to be that the alignment tool is incomplete (though I’d say it is more complete than a number of features I’ve seen the Lab ship over the last few years), and that since it provides assistance to only one set of fiddly, annoying tasks that it should not be included.

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One of Karl Stiefvater’s more popular tools is his prim alignment tool. This tool has only ever appeared in third-party viewers to-date, as Linden Lab’s policy is only to accept code made under one of its contribution agreements, regardless of the license under which the code is available.

By way of saying thanks for a recent donation, Stiefvater has submitted the code for the alignment tool under one of those agreements. That’s no guarantee that this popular tool will necessarily see the light of day in an official Second Life viewer, as that is still up to Linden Lab, but the ball is now in its court.