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The Quickware Second Life Alt-detector product, Quickware Alts Pro, jumped back into the market over the weekend, maybe thinking to clean up as an alternative to RedZone, without such a prominent public profile.

Well, boom! It seems to have been slapped with the big, punitive takedown.

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Quickware Alt Detector Ad. Read more at Theia Magic's blog You’d think with all the kerfuffle in and around Second Life at the moment about alt-detection systems that nobody would want to jump on that bandwagon right at the moment? Especially in face of the recent TOS changes, right? Wrong.

Seems that there’s more folks dying to get in on that action.

<sarcasm>Because, yeah, that seems like a great market to be getting into right now.</sarcasm>

The general tumult and controversy surrounding the RedZone system in Second Life is just a symptom. Indeed, even RedZone itself is a symptom.

There are deeper issues at work here.

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RedZone certainly seems to have its work cut out for it, with contentious public opinion, and potentially changing Linden Lab requirements (I think a number of us can sympathise with that, at least). Linden Lab rejected RedZone’s modifications that requested consent for the publication of alt information, and RedZone creator zFire Xue went back to the drawing board.

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