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Aug 29 2011


According to Saffia Widdershins, in 2008, Philip Rosedale, at a meeting with significant Second Life content creators in San Francisco said: “As goes Grendel’s, so goes the Grid.”

He was referring to one of the more famous venues in Second Life, Grendel’s Children, a bazaar of high-quality, cheap avatars, ranging from spirits and sprites to anthropomorphs and dragons [Web-site]. In 2007, I wrote it up for Massively as one of Second Life’s “must see” sites, and I believe that it still is. GC’s owner/operator Flea Bussy put US$14,400 each year into the virtual land that supported the venue. Up until now.

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Rummaging in my inventory today, I discovered (quite by accident) a notecard for the opening of The First World War Poetry Digital Archive in Second Life. From November. November 2009, that is. This is why I have a note in my profile to email me rather than sending me notecards. Just saying.

Nevertheless, better late than never. The archive itself is actually quite a treat for those that are so inclined.

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Odds are you’ve heard of Ozimals if you’re involved with Second Life at all. They make all those breedable bunnies that you see around.

Well, there’s another company in the same field: Amaretto Ranch Breedables. They do horses and the like.

A dispute between the two is heading for the US Federal courts.

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