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The United States Government Copyright Office maintains a register of designated copyright agents for online service providers. A designated agent is the person to whom you send copyright infringement claims to if a user of that service is … well, infringing your copyright.

Having a correct and current agent designation is important – because that is one of the requirements for the service provider to not be held liable, in the event of an infringement.

Linden Lab’s designation is no longer correct, which exposes it to liability even if all of the other requirements are met.

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The electronic mailbag continues to be stuffed to overflowing, but I figured I would respond to this particular one in a post of its own, since Copyright – while it is ubiquitous, touching almost every point of our lives – continues to be poorly understood.

I’m trying to create a small store to sell sculpted Jewellery in Second Life.. but I’m worried about content theft as anyone… and so, I noticed a post from yours on the internet called “Property, Second Life, backups and you” explaining some basic topics about this, .. and I become very interested in the matter, now my straight question… Do you know how can I copyright my sculpties? I have noticed several businesses saying their creations have some sort of “copyright”, I want to copyright several sculpties of my own creation, sculpties that I can use as components to create several products, please I need advice in this matter ^^ Thank you very much.

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