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There’s some talk and images circulating at the moment about the possibility that members of the Emerald developer viewer team may have gained administrative access to Second Life’s Vivox voice system through an exploit.

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Dear person who has been executing denial-of-service attacks and trying to hack my blog,

Hi. You know who you are. I must admit that I’ve watched you going about all this with, I confess, to some amusement. Today really wasn’t such a good day for you, was it? Nor, apparently was yesterday or any other day.

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There’s a new Adobe Flash player out today. Considering some recently discovered critical security exploits in the current Flash Player that allow the Adobe PDF Reader to be exploited (prompting CERT to recommend that all users disable Flash), you’re best off running out and getting the update.

Apr 15 2009

Remember Easter’s Amazon Fail?

A person has come forward and claimed that they exploited Amazon’s “Report as inappropriate” feature with a bit of a cross-site-scripting to get many thousands of users to unknowingly and unwittingly report a large list of titles as inappropriate, removing their sales ranking and excluding them from search results.

Amazon have yanked the feature during the fixup process which makes the story quite a bit more credible.

All in all 57,310 items were affected. Not just gay-themed books, but “a number of broad categories such as Health, Mind & Body, Reproductive & Sexual Medicine and Erotica.”

The Day Online Reputation Died – Attacking Amazon’s Ranking System (playnoevil)

Amazon refers to this as a “ham-fisted” cataloging error, which doesn’t feel like it holds water. Someone was working on the Amazon databases over the Easter Weekend (a time when Amazon says it didn’t have anyone to respond to the problem), and decides to classify most items (but apparently not all) that are tagged gay/lesbian as porn?

That doesn’t seem very likely, to be honest.