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There’s some talk and images circulating at the moment about the possibility that members of the Emerald developer viewer team may have gained administrative access to Second Life’s Vivox voice system through an exploit.

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Well, another session with Snowglobe, and yet another uncontrolled network flood. This time, though, I was able to isolate the traffic that was flooding the connection from the other hurly-burly that happens on the wire during routine operation and SL sessions.

It was Vivox. 400 megabytes of traffic blown through in minutes. And I’m a non voice-user, on a non-voice-enabled parcel. Since I’m on a capped connection (as most users outside North America are), this was naturally of great concern to me. On the highest bandwidth plan available to me, I can only have about 600MB during the day, peak, which must then be divided among the whole family.

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May 20 2009

With an average of one billion minutes of talk-time per month pumping through Second Life’s voice system (that’s pretty much Vivox’s system, not Linden Lab’s — one making, the other branding), Crap Mariner takes a look at what people are really wagging their tongues about.