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Keep this press-release out of reach of children. Online 3D Space Provides Innovative and Cost-Efficient Way for Businesses to Meet, Collaborate, and Showcase Their Products

DLAB, a multi-disciplinary team of designers, researchers and digital specialists based within the Institute of Digital Innovation at Teesside University, announced today the upcoming launch of OnLand, an online business district designed to provide an innovative and cost-efficient way for firms to collaborate. OnLand is powered by Blue Mars, an online high definition 3D virtual world platform created by Avatar Reality, Inc., and allows users to conduct business in interactive showrooms, boardrooms and meeting spaces.

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Make way for “Blue World Notes” apparently. Seems our man Au is going to Avatar-Reality and Blue Mars as the in-house journo.

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A number of virtual environments are fighting for mainstream acceptance and popularity. Yet those same environments often select names for their users that then need explaining and encourage the mainstream to look askance.

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Apr 15 2009

There’s been all sorts of scraps of information floating around about Blue Mars, lately – a virtual environment that (for a change) does hold some interest for Second Life users. Bettina Tizzy over at NPIRL has a more concentrated chunk of information in one place than you’re likely to find in a day.

Blue Mars has some interesting things going for it, but its very model may prove to present some unexpected barriers.