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I was just thinking some more about Viewer 2. A while back, I glommed a copy of Viewer 2 from one of Linden Lab’s public Web-servers, where the automated build system dropped copies of every new build.

You might remember me writing about that.

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Sep 28 2010

I've never dated a mesh, personally.As expected, Linden Lab announced the open beta date for Mesh features today. That date is 13 October. That gives us a reasonable line on speculating when the Lab would like the feature to go into production.

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Just a short note, as my Internet service is more down than up right at the moment, but Linden Lab says that the viewer code for the new Mesh features will be made public right about the time that the Mesh features go open beta.

When will that be? Not long now, apparently. The impression given is that it may only be days away.

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About a week ago, I ran a double-poll. The idea was to get the impression about which of the then-thirteen viewers on the Second Life viewer directory respondents believed to be in full compliance with Linden Lab’s third party viewer policies, and which were not believed to be in full compliance. Viewers can, of course, be present on the directory without any genuine attempts at policy compliance.

It’s a tricky sort of thing to score, and more sophisticated polling software than what I’ve been using might have made the job a good deal easier and provided better results. Nevertheless, the results appear consistent.

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