Make way for “Blue World Notes” apparently. Seems our man Au is going to Avatar-Reality and Blue Mars as the in-house journo.

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Push-up bras, eye-liner, girdles, control-top pantyhose, heels, eyebrow-pencil, lipstick, blush, concealer, foundation, eye-shadow, nail-varnish, gel, false-eyelashes and false-nails.

When polled about what they most look for in a partner, most people say “honesty.”

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How-to! Content creation in Second Life sounds great, until you start looking at the price-tags on some of the pro software that’s commonly used to create it.

If you’re a content-creator who cares about creator-rights, you probably shouldn’t be using a bootleg copy of Photoshop (for example) to make your stuff. You can do better.

Here’s a short roundup of some great free tools that get the job done, do it well, won’t stress out your PC, and won’t blow your budget … on account of, you know, being free.

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Once upon a time, I thought the term was quirky. That Linden Lab’s use was little offbeat, but that it had its own sort of comforting charm.

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