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Here is the full ranked table of tracked sites for the week ending Sunday 21 October, 2007:


Est avg hourly visits

Est avg hourly visits (peak hrs)

Estimated total weekly visits

NORSIM MultiSIM (Goth RPG) 298 361 50,160 (up 5.66%)
Avilion Grove (Fantasy Roleplaying) 149 172 25,072 (stable)
Phat Cat’s Jazzy Blue Lounge (PG Social/Shopping) 140 156 23,556 (up 15.54%)
Blackheart’s Cafe (PG Social) 93 105 15,760 (up 3.47%)
Nude Island (Mature Social) 92 69 15,600 (down 34.25%)
Laguna Nude Beach (Mature Social) 91 111 15,344 (up 15.13%)
Bound and Determined (BDSM Social) 90 104 15,248 (stable)
Heavenly Rose Gardens (PG Social) 85 132 14,400 (up 11.52%)
Lost Gardens of Apollo (PG Social) 82 108 13,860 (stable)
Independent State of Caledon (Steampunk Roleplay) 81 92 13,740 (down 3.13%)
Toxian City (Goth RPG) 80 112 13,584 (up 42.69%)
Hedonistic Isle (Mature Social) 80 93 13,584 (stable)
Midian City (Goth RPG) 79 97 13,344 (up 2.21%)
Capture Roleplay HQ (BDSM Social) 78 90 13,216 (stable)
Bare Rose (PG Social) 78 82 13,168 (stable)
City of Lost Angels (Goth RPG) 75 80 12,684 (up 5.07%)
New Citizens Incorporated (Noob Resident Welcome/Education) 71 90 11,988 (up 4.17%)
Icedragon’s Playpen (Casual Gaming/Social) 67 80 11,312 (up 4.43%)
City of Midgaard (BDSM Social) 58 69 9,888 (up 5.28%)
The Shelter (Noob Resident Welcome/Education) 54 67 9,084 (up 2.02%)
Isle of Lesbos (Mature Social) 52 73 8,796 (up 2.52%)
Midgar (Final Fantasy VII RPG) 36 42 6,060 (down 11.40%)
London Commercial Sims (UK urban community/Social) 26 36 4,464 (stable)
Ballers City (Urban basketball Social) 20 18 3,432 (down 22.07%)
Svarga Svarga (Artificial Ecosystem) 18 27 3,108 (stable)
New Brussel Mega Mall (PG Social/Shopping) 3.24 5.14 544 (down 20.93%)

The top ten, with commentary is posted to New World Notes. The list is by no means exhaustive. There are thousands of sites – far more than we can track.


Mixed reality sites in this headcount are selected for their prominence, either from publicity or real world name recognition. Sites with consistent low traffic (500 or less weekly) may be dropped in future Headcounts in favor of other sites. We do not count sites with camping chairs, or visitors in the orientation sims, as there seems to be little evidence to suggest that they will become visitors to the parent site – and if they do, we catch them when we headcount the site anyway.

We collect data four times per day for each site at 2am, 8am, 2pm and 8pm (times in SLT/US Pacific) plus/minus 1 hour. For each sample we count the number of people at the site at the time. We average those samples across the week, and then assume that average to hold constant, with each visitor spending a half hour on-site. This methodology does not necessarily include one-time events that generate high traffic missed by our sampling, which we’ll make note of whenever possible. Headcounts do not factor in returning visitors, so assume that the total number of unique Residents are likely to be significantly less than the estimated total visits.

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