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Tinkering away

Well, it has been most of a day now with the new blogging setup and, so far as I am aware, it hasn’t brought about the downfall of Western Civilization, nor have any readers been accidentally incinerated. At least not yet.

If you have been accidentally incinerated by the new blog, be sure and have your next of kin let me know. The anti-incineration widget probably isn’t configured right (it’s for an earlier WordPress version).

I’m going to leave the old blog up indefinitely, I think. The search-engines love it, and there’s still many hundreds of incoming links.

It’s hard to believe the blog’s been going since 2005, and has nearly 500 posts on it. The migration process had some excitement to it.

Lots of little things needing to be done yet, like the blogroll. It’s a bit fiddly and time-consuming. We should also have some advertisers with us again soon, because that extra revenue doesn’t hurt, and the blog needs to pay for itself.

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