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doit-tateru-nino-facebook Honestly, I’ve not kept up my Facebook profile. I can’t even remember when I last logged into it. I’m probably not likely to either. Basically, because my profile there could be deleted at any moment. It would be a waste of time to update it.

You see, Facebook doesn’t allow aliases, such as avatar names, stage names, pen names, and so o– Wait a minute! Yes they bloody well do!

If you’re a rapper, or a musician or an actor, or a writer or pretty much anyone on this list (just as an example), Facebook welcomes you, and welcomes your alias. On the other hand, if you’re a relative unknown over at Facebook HQ, or a digital brand (like, say, Danton Sideways or Tateru Nino), then you’re not really welcome, and may be subject to sudden expunging.

It doesn’t bug me so much that there’s a distinction, as it does that there’s apparently no way to determine what or where the distinction is. Aliases are not allowed. Except when they are.

Go figure.

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