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JIRA is a proprietary enterprise software product, developed by Atlassian, commonly used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management.

In Second Life terms, "a JIRA" refers to a tracked issue, tracked bug or feature request.

JIRA VWR-8049 is a feature request.

This JIRA, when implemented, will allow the user to choose their preferred next-owner-permissions as defaults for newly-created assets.

Features of this JIRA:

  • Limited scope: The current proposal is to make this a part of the advanced toolset. The option will not be apparent to users not using the "Advanced" menu. Only people who perform a significant amount of creation in Second Life will be affected. Users not wanting to use the feature do not have to use it.
  • "Default" defaults remain the same: "Default" defaults remain the same. Does it need to be said again?
  • Current system remains the same: The current permissions system (C/M/T) will not be changed, extended or otherwise altered.
  • Ease of use: The implementation of this JIRA will make the current permissions system easier to use in one particular way for those who choose to use it.
  • Will not collapse the Second Life economy.
  • Will not drink the blood of innocents.
  • Will not noticeable make life easier for those using Creative Commons licences than for anyone else.

As Pavig Lok sez:

    "Incorrectly set permissions are the biggest gotcha for our work [ed. collaborative builds in Second Life] and take a good proportion of our time."

Other JIRAs which are not the same as this JIRA:

A general note about JIRAs:

  • JIRAs are implemented by Lindens, not by the people making the requests. The Lindens rarely implement JIRAs exactly as requested, precisely because they have thought about how to integrate the new functionality into the existing system.

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