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Darn straight they could. Second Life could be on the hitlist, the more so because of the Zindra continent for adult content.

While Second Life clearly isn’t a game, I doubt that anyone involved in the process really cares about that trivial little detail. We’re all pretty sure this isn’t really about games anyway, right? After all, the current list also censors religion, political opinion, veterinarians, and school lunches.

Couldn’t the ACMA just block access to the adult SL continent? Well, with the cooperation of the Lab, that’s possible, but seriously… The government stands to gain more political mileage by blocking all of SL to Australian users than just the adult bits. I wouldn’t think that they would bother putting in the effort.

There are two campaigns worth your attention:

If you’re a gamer, the EFA’s R18+ rating for games (currently no game can receive a classification if it is not suitable for a 15-year-old).

Or if you’re concerned about politics, religion, anti-abortion, medical references, dentists, and school tuckshops being censored in secret (mixed up with all the other material), you should look at the EFA’s No Clean Feed campaign.

Meanwhile, Lowell Cremorne of The Metaverse Journal has some tough questions in an open letter to Senator Conroy.

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