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Vote for Sasie

Netflix is down to the 10 semi-finalists of their Find Your Voice film competition. There’s only a few days left, and it’s a bit of a brutal popularity contest as it comes down to the wire.

Sasie Sealy recently got in touch with me (and frankly, I should have posted about this sooner) about her semi-finalist entry, SARAHN_12. The short is virtual-environment related, haunting, and it quite grabbed my interest once I was finally actually able to get around to looking at it.


Obsessed with finding her boyfriend’s murderer, Sarah Nilson is searching for any clue that might unlock the stagnant investigation – including the password to his virtual game account.  When she cracks the code and takes over his online identity, she discovers that his avatar was murdered two days before his real life murder and goes deep inside a world where fantasy mirrors reality and the boundary between the two is sometimes hard to find.


A native of North Carolina and the only half-Chinese girl in her high school class, Sasie Sealy started making films while still an undergrad at Yale, where her sketch comedy training and study under photographer Gregory Crewdson birthed the Super 8 film BIG HEAD and a lifelong addiction to filmmaking.  Her short film THE ELEPHANT GARDEN won a National Board of Review award and the Student Visionary Award at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival, making her a two-time Tribeca winner.  Her previous short DANCE MANIA FANTASTIC won at Tribeca in 2005 and returned in 2006 as part of the +5 “Best of” Retrospective.  DANCE MANIA FANTASTIC has also been included as part of the IFP Buzz Cuts series, broadcast by the Australian SBS network, and screened at numerous festivals around the world.

Sasie also co-directed the feature documentary WHEN THE SEASON IS GOOD with fellow filmmaker Andrew MacLean; the film premiered at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC and was acquired by ARTE, European Public Television.  She is an alumna of the NYU graduate film program, where she was a recipient of the New York Women in Film and Television Scholarship and the Steven J. Ross Fellowship.  She is currently in development on her first feature SARAHN_12, winner of the 2007 Sloan Foundation Feature Film Grant with an award of $100,000 towards the production of the film, a semi-finalist in the Netflix Find Your Voice Film Competition to be decided in August, a finalist for the 2009 Chris Columbus/Richard Vague Film Production Fund Grant to be decided in the fall, and a selected project for Film Independent’s 2009 Fast Track program.

Check out the short for SARAHN_12 here (along with the other nine semi-finalists), and rate it (and/or the others) according to your personal opinion. If nothing else, I think it’s worth your time to see the short.

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