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These ‘copyright protection’ devices are scattered all over Second Life. People are still actually buying them. At best this is like burying an iron knife under your threshold to keep witches away and then telling everyone who passes about it.

Essentially, the idea was that some of the original copybot code included a remote command interface whereby the owner could control the bot by sending it IMs, and that “!quit” made it log out.

Yeah, well, that was true. For about ten minutes.

By the time the first scripted copybot protection device appeared for sale, it was no longer the case. So it is not unreasonable to say that none of the commercial copybot protection devices ever worked, and none of them (commercial or otherwise) actually work now.

It doesn’t take a lot of grid travelling to get spammed with one, though. More than one.

It is a bit like hanging a big fluorescent banner on your front fence telling thieves to go home. Yes, thieves do represent a risk, but your banner isn’t going to stop them, and  everyone thinks it is an eyesore. The sad part here, would be that you think it is effective.

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