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How do you become the richest person in the world in virtually no time at all?

Find a way to stop unauthorized copying of content.

Copyright originally started a couple hundred years after the invention of the printing press. Even before the printing press was invented however, content was being copied.

Copyright law describes what is allowed, and what is not allowed, and the assorted legal remedies available to those who have had their content copied in an unauthorized fashion.

What nobody has ever done successfully is to prevent it. Billions of dollars have been spent on that, but so far, no successful method exists. Not even one.

The problem is getting content into the hands of a reader or viewer and allowing people to read or view that content under controlled circumstances without them being able to copy it.

For the last several centuries this has proven to be an insoluble problem. Even now, with our assorted technological gimcrackery, we’re still no closer to solving the problem than we were in the 14th century.

Some believe that it is impossible to solve. Some believe that it is quite possible, but that people choose not to do it.

Whatever the case, the first person to actually make it feasible will have their door beaten down by every publisher and content-creator on the planet, and be buried under incalculably large piles of money.

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