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Nope. Actually, of the 150 who were tried as witches in the Salem witch-trials (which lasted two years, 1692-1693), only 20 were convicted. Six men and fourteen women – a 13% conviction rate.

There was a seventh man, who died during judicial torture.

None of those convicted were burned at the stake. They were all hung hanged [thanks Saffia]. Not that that probably gave a whole lot of comfort to the 20 people who were executed.

The last person to be burned at the stake, was Edward Wightman in England who had a divergence of doctrinal opinions about the status of the soul. He was burned at the stake in 1612 at the order of King James I.

Unfortunately, assorted (and horrific) extra-judicial burnings still occur, though none of them are for witchcraft, or performed at the stake.

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