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The WSJ carries a piece called How Facebook Ruins Friendships. The author writes,

Like many people, I’m experiencing Facebook Fatigue. I’m tired of loved ones—you know who you are—who claim they are too busy to pick up the phone, or even write a decent email, yet spend hours on social-media sites, uploading photos of their children or parties, forwarding inane quizzes, posting quirky, sometimes nonsensical one-liners or tweeting their latest whereabouts. (“Anyone know a good restaurant in Berlin?”)

It’s attributed to narcissism, and they wish our friends would stop boring us all with this trivial stuff.

Frankly, though, most people who consider themselves ‘friends’, aren’t necessarily as close as all that. The inherent circumstances of physical life allow us to skirt around most of the the things going on in our friends lives, and allow us to just swap CliffsNotes highlights and lowlights.

Social media encourages us to post our status, and we do just that. Eating, sleeping, getting radiotherapy, seeing a movie, out at a cafe, visiting the library, on a date.

What our author here is doing, really, is asking her friends (the people whom she’s supposed to be interested enough in to follow their statuses) to modify their own behaviour – to only post what she will find interesting.

Expecting others to behave in the ways that we prefer for our own convenience? Now that is narcissism!

If you’re not interested in what someone has to say, stop following their status updates.

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