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Actually, you can. Allergies are something that develop. The onset of an allergy is a combination between a predisposition and an exposure to the thing. If you’re susceptible by a predisposition (something that is not really practical to check in advance) continued exposure to the substance increases the risk that you will tip over the edge and have an allergy onset.

From that point on, you’re allergic to whatever it is.

Usually a susceptibility actually covers a diverse range of compounds, many of which you may never actually get exposed to in sufficient quantity to trigger the onset of allergy.

You may also be allergic to external physical contact with a substance, but have few or no problems with ingestion of it. Either way, if you’ve got a contact allergy, you should be cautious around the substance anyway.

Roughly 7% of the population of the USA have food allergies, and this figure is rising. Interestingly, children raised in households with pets (particularly cats and dogs) have fewer problems with inhalant allergies (like pollens) later on in life.

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