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Jack’s back

One year after his lifetime disbarrment in the state of Florida, Jack Thompson is going back into legal practice there.


An emailed press-release to Game Politics outlines Thompson’s belief that the court orders disbarring him are void ab initio (that is, without force or effect from the outset) because the court issued them as the result of improper proceeding.

Actually, it’s my understanding that improper proceeding makes the orders voidable – that is, in current force, but able to be cancelled – if only he can get a court to agree that the issue of the orders was improper.

Thompson clearly wouldn’t agree with me here, as he states that he intends to resume the practice of law on 1 October, and ‘He has invited, this day, Mary Ellen Bateman, who prosecutes the “unlicensed practice of law” for The Florida Bar, to get a court order to stop him.  Unless she acts, he’s back in business …’

I don’t know what’s going to happen on 1 October, but whatever it is, it’s sure going to be interesting.

Maybe there will be cake.

Categories: Jack Thompson, Law.

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