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Over the years, there’s not that many Second Life blogs that haven’t asked me to do some writing for them (I can only think of a few). Blogs come and blogs go. Something that most of those blogs have in common are writing-rates.

Most Second Life blogs that whose writing-rates have been given to me pay roughly the same more or less. They each generally have different standards for the amount of work involved, frequency of posting and so forth, but they all generally worked out to around L$3,000 for a 300-600 word article. That’s roughly between L$5 and L$10 per word, usually closer to the L$5 end (though remember that it’s almost always paid by the article, not by the word).

That doesn’t include the big corporate blogs like Massively.com that have entirely different pay-rates. I can’t really discuss those rates, obviously.

Interestingly, while the corporate blogs tend to adjust for inflation and exchange-rates over time, the regular commercial Second Life blogs usually don’t much, maintaining the same rates over a long period.

The actual amount of work involved in a single article varies considerably, depending on the editorial requirements. Some articles take ten minutes, but equally, I’ve had some individual articles that have chewed up 40 hours or more, depending on precisely what the editor wanted.

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