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The local louts seem to be at it again, but they appear to have significantly upgraded their kit from the last time.

This time they seem to have some sort of green laser light that seems to be capable of projecting a damaging glare for perhaps 500 or more metres. That’s a significant step up from the kit they were using last time.

While walking the dog the other night, they were shining it at people in the street, at oncoming traffic and at people through their windows – all from at least a hundred metres away. Doesn’t seem to be your weenie 5-8mW kit at all – it seems to be something a lot stronger.

Never got a good look at them (honestly, it was too much of a risk to attempt to look in their direction), so I don’t know how they’re even powering it. Maybe they’re lugging a car battery or two around.

After the last time with the (much weaker) red one, it took several weeks before my eyesight had returned to nearly normal (and it’s probably never going to be all the way right). I can’t even imagine how much damage they’re doing with this one, all for the sake of a few laughs.

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