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A number of you have written in about the Second Life grid suddenly going a bit grey, and sculpties not loading. What’s up with that?

Well, having worked the problem through, it’s as if the grid has suddenly done a time-warp back to 2005 for some of you. Near as I can tell, all of you that are having problems are operating behind a fairly secure firewall. Most of you are running behind an educational or corporate firewall.

The problem is that HTTP textures are coming off of a non-standard port, and one that was not previously apparently in-use by Second Life. The port is 12046 and your network administrator will need to enable it for TCP traffic, so that your system can contact that port on remote servers.

Tell your network administrator: “Second Life has made a change to the ports it uses. I need TCP port 12046 enabled for outbound traffic, and any related or established packets passed through.”

The alternative is to roll back to an earlier viewer or a third-party viewer which does not have HTTP textures enabled by default.

Update: Another alternative is to go to the Advanced menu, select Show Debug Settings, select imagePipelineUseHTTP, and set it to FALSE.

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